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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to chippity-chop an onion...don't cry, it's not that hard!

Chopping an onion can be one of the most frustrating, teary-enducing steps in cooking.  For me, it was a time consuming task that I couldn't ever seem to master.  Luckily, that all changed once I saw a step-by-step guide with pictures! (Very important!!)

First, cut the "stalk" or "leaf" end off of the onion (the part that would stick out of the ground).  Then cut the onion in half, through the root end, leaving the root end intact.
Peel the onion.
Using a sharp knife, make a cut parallel to the cutting board at the top of the onion:

Make two more cuts parallel to the board towards the middle and bottom of the onion:
Now make cuts from the top of the onion with the tip of the knife facing the root end slicing several times across the onion.
Then, finally make cuts across the onion, letting the chopped onion fall away from the knife until you cut through to the root end. 
After a few times, you'll be chopping onions like a pro!


  1. So basically your encouraging the vapors to go out the side of the onion instead of up into your face- smart! I noticed ever since I started wearing contacts cutting onions don't bother me as much.

  2. Yeah, I never thought of it that way! But you're right, ever since I learned how to properly chop an onion, and I wear contacts too, I haven't had the problem of my eyes tearing up!


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