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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Envelope Valentines

I know this isn't a food post...sue me.  After the convincing it took for me to get Corinne to cooperate, this is definately being posted on here!!

Corinne and I sat down to work on some valentines today (I sat; she squirmed).  She was not as excited as me, however, but I couldn't wait to try out these cute little valentines!  So being the mom, I won!

How cute is it to turn a heart-shaped valentine into an envelope?  Pretty darn cute!

 Just ignore the folds...I had to make sure it worked before I shared it with the world!
Fold the top down first, like so:
Then each side, overlapping them slightly:

Fold the point up and turn to look like an envelope:
We all have a million of these, right?
Stick one on the point to hold it all together and voila! you have an envelope made from a heart!
Just "address" it and add a cute little stamp! 
Shhhh, don't tell Andrew what he's getting for Valentine's day!

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