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Saturday, July 2, 2011

BBQ Smoking Experiment

Andrew and I have now tried smoking a pork roast twice on our charcoal grill.  Both times, they have turned out fantastic!!  Juicy, moist, tender, and delicious!
Before trying the pork, we were on the fence about our charcoal grill.  It creates a more distinctive flavor but takes longer to heat than a gas grill.  However, once we learned how to smoke, we changed our mind!
We have smoked pork twice and have entertained family or friends both times.  If any of our friends ever want to come over for some smoked pork, we would love to have you over!!  Just give us 10 hours advance notice!!


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  1. Carol,
    Do you have a recipe that you use for the smoked pork? Looks delicious!!


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