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Thursday, December 22, 2011

BBQ Bacon Meatloaf

photo courtesy of: The Pioneer Woman

So I'm totally cheating again with my post this week!  I'm going to share a link to my favorite meatloaf recipe.  We had this for dinner last night and it just warms my insides and makes my tummy smile!  Bacon and BBQ sauce (especially combined) does that to me.
If you're not familiar with the blog, Pioneer Woman...check it out!  It has some amazing recipes that are easy and absolutely delicious.  I'm bummed because she now has a show on The Food Network and since we are cheap frugal and only have basic channels, I don't get to watch her in action.  But the one time I saw her show at my parents' home, I loved it!  Great cooking combined with family activities and a view of living life on a ranch.
For her recipe, I use ground turkey and like it just as much since the bacon is what makes this meatloaf so great.

Here is the link:

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