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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our Real Food Journey

*This post has been recently updated to reflect new opinions, thoughts, and ideas!  I have moved the All-natural Strawberry Granola recipe portion of this post here.

Recently, my family started on a new food journey.  After reading the book, 100 Days of Real Food, I came to the realization that our family had gotten a bit off track in the healthy eating department.  If you remember my post about joining a CSA, then you might recall my discussion on making better environmentally conscious choices when choosing from where our food comes.

I wouldn't be me if I wasn't honest, so I'm gettin' real...our family completely fell off of the socially conscious wagon, and started focusing on just getting the most food for our money.  Not that we ate completely unhealthy foods, but I was choosing foods that fit into our tight budget, not really caring where it came from or necessarily how many "real" ingredients were in each item that I purchased. 

When we first joined the CSA we were super gung-ho and really enjoyed the weekly pick-ups at the farm.  Then real life hit...I got pregnant, was super sick, and then dealt with some really tough post-partum issues after our little one arrived.  So for over a year, I struggled to just get a meal on the table. 

Well, now that our life is a bit more on track and my awareness of what makes quality food has changed, we were ready to get back to healthier eating straight from the source! We actually started having milk glass our front door.  Yes, you read that right!  We order our milk that is fresh (squeezed?) from that days milking and it is left in a cooler on our doorstep during the night waiting for us the next morning.  Like real old-timey stuff happening here, people!

I started making things with whole grains.

Buying grass-fed beef, eating more know, healthy stuff!  We've started eating less processed foods.  Left behind are the boxed or bagged foods that have a chemistry lab list of ingredients and now we're focused on buying foods that are made from whole ingredients.  Any pre-made or packaged foods that we do buy, we try to stick to a 5 ingredient or less rule.  We're not perfect, but it's a huge change from where we were even just a month ago!  Oh, and no more artificial colors either...which is hard since Twizzler is my middle name.

If you think I've gone all uppity and what-not...not true.  I am flexible.  My daughters still get lollipops from the bank (and doctor, and hairdresser, and just about everywhere)and I let them have it.  The joy of watching them eat it (after just having scarfed down a dinner of whole wheat pasta with homemade sauce, whole wheat bread, and broccoli) means more to me than being nit-picky about one little candy.

Just say it, I've gone granola.  If you are interested in changing your ways of looking at food or just learning more, be sure to visit 101 Days of Real Food, and check out the Recipes section of this blog for great healthy recipe options!


  1. I'm so happy you're back! ;) Really looking forward to trying this granola on top of your homemade yogurt!
    I too am looking forward to getting back to healthier eating-now to just get hubby to stop bringing junk home! I can't be extreme in my change due to budget, but there is a lot I can begin with.

    1. We're easing in with the budget too, Amy! But really, by adding more fruits and homemade goods, it balances out the cost of buying all of those chips and crackers. We also don't go through our "snack" foods as quickly because we are filling up quicker and needing less food to make us feel full! Plus, I bought a TON of dried fruits in the bulk section!!

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