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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DIY Tub Scrub

Store in a mason jar!

 I've recently taken to removing harsh chemicals from my home and replacing them with all-natural, plant-based cleaners.  I've already replaced the cleaners for my granite countertops, bathrooms, toilets, windows, and floors all with one cleaning product.

All you need is these 3 ingredients!

Young Living's Thieves Household Cleaner.

This stuff is ah-maze-ing.  No other way to put it.  It's super concentrated, has dozens of uses, and continues to surprise me daily with what it can do.  The other day, I used a cap full to remove a spaghetti stain out of my daughter's shirt.  This was after I had already tried bleach.  The bleach did nada for the stain...Thieves Cleaner-gone.  Boom.

And bottle makes 16 spray bottles!  Powerful and saves me money?  Yes, please!

Thieves Household Cleaner

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The one area in my home that needs serious work, is our tubs.  When we moved into our home about 3 years ago, they were in even worse shape than they are now.  Both have mildew in the caulk lines and the finish is starting to wear off.  Because the finish is slowly wearing off, the tubs look dirty all. the. time.  No matter how much I scrub, they still look like they haven't been washed in about 15 years.  However, I was concerned that scrubbing with harsh chemicals would hasten the removal of the finish, so I instead created my own tub scrub by harnessing the power of my Thieves Cleaner and the natural cleaning power of citrus oils!

Because my tubs look bad no matter what, I thought I would show you how well it works on my kitchen sink! 

Here's how to make your own:
Combine all 3 ingredients together.  

I wanted a somewhat wet consistency.  Baking soda tends to dry out and harden in a large clump, so I mixed in enough cleaner to make it wet but still able to crumble and sprinkle from the jar.  

Mix into a thick paste

Here is my sink before {pretty gross, but admittedly, it's looked much worse than this}:

Sink Before

Scrub, scrub, scrub.

I scrubbed about 1-2 tsp. worth of scrub all over the sink and gave it a good scrub.  Rub however much it takes to thoroughly cover the surface of your tub or sink.

Sink with Scrub

Give it a good rinse.

And here is the result: 

Super clean and shiny without the use of any harsh chemicals!  And it smelled fantastic cinnamon & cloves with a hint of citrus!

I mean, check out that shine!!

Before and After

Isn't that fantastic?!  I love that the results are amazing and I didn't need to wear rubber gloves to get it!  Plus, my children can use it as well now that they are reaching the age to help with the cleaning.

Here's what you need:

1 cup Baking Soda (I purchase it in bulk here)
15 drops any citrus essential oil (lemon, orange, citrus fresh)

Use just these 3 ingredients!

Store in a glass mason jar!

Interested in learning more about Young Living Products?  Click here to read more.

What all-natural cleaning products do you like to use?

Thanks for reading!!

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