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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Master Bedroom Mini Makeover

I'm calling this reveal a "mini" makeover because we've made some big changes to the space but still have a few more to go.  It's amazing how a fresh coat of paint can really change the feel of a room along with just some small decor changes

Before we see what it looks like now, let's take a look at what it looked like when we bought the house (seller's furniture in photo):


Can we say "yellow"?  We affectionately called it Big Bird yellow because it was just that bright.  About 5 other rooms in the house were yellow when we moved in, but this was the brightest. Not exactly calming for a room where I spend most of my time trying to sleep!

After 4 years of living with it, it was finally time for it to go.  And I couldn't be happier with the result!!


It feels much lighter and even though we toned down the color by a lot, it feels brighter and more spacious, too!

New antique dresser

This dresser is what makes the room!  Isn't it gorgeous?!! We were lucky to find this piece at a local vintage marketplace where they refresh old pieces and give them new life.  It's perfect for both me and my husband to share since there is limited room in the space for large furniture pieces.  And that navy blue color...*swoon*

Display wall and dresser

Wall decor

I love all of the little details.  Some architectural, some graphic.  It's a nice mix of both that really suits my style! They can also easily be switched out if styles change and it needs a quick update.

Diffuser pedestal

Plus, I have a great place to display my diffuser!  I love that it's a little more on display now and the dresser hides the cord really well.

Dresser light

And who doesn't love a cute succulent? Adds a little freshness to the room, plus they're easy to take care of which is great for me since killing houseplants seems to be a hobby of mine!


Like what you see? 
I've put together a few of the items (or similar) so you can create this look in your home!

Shop this room:

Table Lamp - T.J. Maxx (Find similar style lamps here and here).
Scripture Framed Artwork- Hobby Lobby (Similar style here and here).
Sheer White Linen Curtains- Amazon
Rustic Wooden Pedestal- Hobby Lobby (Handmade style here or Farmhouse style here).
Paint- Sherwin Williams in Whetstone Grey

Blank wall to be completed

We still have some more work to complete.  This wall is blank and I'm not sure what to place there at the moment.  Decisions, decisions!

Before and After


  1. So pretty! That dresser is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Valerie! The dresser is my favorite piece in the whole room!

  2. Often you were limited to what the current style trends were, which at times were restricted to approximately three or four different variations of the same theme and stayed the same for years, therefore, making your furniture options very limited.

  3. Your work was awesome! You made a very huge change with your bedroom. It looks brighter and more comfortable now. For sure, you are proud of this achievement.

  4. Other kinds of curtains for the bedroom bring out an especially elegant touch to the room. These are curtains such as silks, velvets etc., the velvet often bearing some sort of design and or texture.Steampunk Home decor ideas

  5. However, if you do not want to have two to four bedroom sets in your home to change the colors in your bedroom as the seasons change outside, you may very well prefer to pick the colors you like best.


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